Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Visible Cancer in PET Scan!

Last week I had a PET scan to see how good a job the chemo therapy has been doing at killing the cancer in the three areas the cancer appeared in my original PET scan several months ago. To my great relief that doctor called to report that there was no visible cancer but that I still had to do my eighth and last infusion this Thursday. (Had the PET Scan still showed cancer then I may have had to continue the chemo twice a month for two additional months.)

So currently I do my last of eight infusions tomorrow and then I have to get radiated 17 times to kill any microscopic cancer cells in the three tumor areas that might be hiding. After that I've supposedly got a 80% chance of being 100% "cured".

In reality I understand that because the cancer treatment I'm going through is rather carcinogenic itself I have a 10% chance of getting some other cancer within the next 20 years. But hey, I'll take the 20 years and the 90% chance it will be longer since I'm pretty sure I would have been dead in 4 years had I elected not to be treated this time around.


Alicia said...

Oh that is great news about your scan!! Good luck with the rest of your infusions.

I came across your blog recently while looking for other Hodgkin's survivors. The strength of you and your wife is very inspiring to me. I also am trying to keep my sense of humor through all this, so I especially loved the boxing gloves in the chemo video.

Thank you for the inspiring blog!

Lauren said...

That is great news!

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations! That's awesome news. I'm coming up on my next PET scan (and 8th infusion) soon, too, and hope to hear similar news. As for the radiation, the risk is actually smaller than 10%, which is more good news. Some of the statistics are from older radiation treatments which weren't as accurate with dosimetry calculations. In other words, don't stress, and celebrate being nearly done! ;-)

Duane said...

Excellent, excellent news Cancer Dan!!! Congrats on this great report!!! Continue to keep us posted of your amazing progress, buddy. said...

Hi Dan,Great news about your scan!
My husband just found out he has the same thing as you and we want you to know how helpful your blog has been. So Thanks so much, your humor and approach to this diagnosis has helped us put things into perspective.
Thanks! and congrats on your scan!