Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bald is Beautiful

When I asked my oncologist about the recommended ABVD chemo treatment he assured me that it was one of the gentler chemo regimens. I asked him, "Will I would go bald?". He said "no".

I should have asked him, "Will eighty percent of my hair fall out and make me look like some kind of pathetic cancer freak seeking sympathy from all who cast their eyes in my general direction?"

To make a long story short, about two days after my second infusion my hair started falling out in big clumps in the shower, all over my bed pillow and pretty much every where else in the house that I touched my hair. Slicking my hair back with gel only made me look like an 80 year old still trying to get away with a "comb over".

After three extremely depressing days I decided to seize control and the car keys. Sixty minutes later I was beautifully bald thanks to a friendly old fashioned barber shop and a modest investment of $10.75.

Getting bald is easier than staying bald though. After about a week I noticed that about 10% of my hair was still growing. So I decided that I would try to "Nair the hair off" with that creamy stuff that women use on their legs in the shower. (Personal note: Don't put Nair on your scalp when your scalp is sunburned and peeling. Ouch!)

It seems the best way to stay bald is to use a disposable razor with a lubricating strip & hair conditioner. I've also bought an electric razor to see if that might be the best daily way to "stay beautiful".

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